The Love Story of Penelope and Matt

The Love Story of Penelope and Matt

The Love Story of Penelope and Matt. Mobile Image

Jan 04, 2021

We couldn't help but share the incredible love story of Penelope and Matt! Check out her stylish, crepe dress from Mark Lesley Bridal.



How did you get engaged?

Matt surprised me with breakfast in bed one weekend and the ring box was hidden under the napkin, total surprise! It was perfect and intimate, we are definitely not once for big public displays.


Describe your wedding venue and why did you choose it?

We got married at Inn on the Lake, Ullswater, Lake District. It was perfect, we went on holiday the year before to find a venue and as soon as we visited the hotel I knew it was the right place. It had stunning views and gardens and was less touristy compared to other venues we'd seen, which made it more personal again and was very dog friendly. The Lakes is a very special place to us and we knew we only wanted a small intimate wedding, which the hotel was happy to accommodate.



Tell us about why you choose your wedding dress and the experience at Brides by Solo!

I'd been looking online at wedding dresses and there was one particular Mark Lesley dress that I really wanted to try .They advised me to contact a local stockist and get them to request the dress for me to try once it was available. The stockist i chose was you Bridesbysolo! I had heard this shop's  name and recommendations from people I knew and I'm so glad I went there as they were  able to accommodate my request! I asked to try a few other dresses just in case as I'd heard that normally if you see a dress you like, you don't like it once you try it on. Odette was brilliant when we came to try out the dresses, she was friendly, knowledgeable and an absolute pleasure to have had help. I'm not that body confident but she like the other ladies at Bridesbysolo made me feel great in the dresses. We saved my favourite to last and although I tried a couple on twice just to be sure I knew it was the one and it had been since I'd seen it online. It's funny because if you were to describe the features of the dress, most of it doesn't sound anything like what i would choose. There's so much detail on it and I'm usually so plain, and I'm not a floral or lace person but there's something about it, i just love it. The big flowers, the subtle sparkle from the beading and sequins, but there's one thing that i did want and it was a good train! 



Did the dress need altering to fit you, how was this experience?

Yes, when I went back to try my dress on for the first time it fit pretty perfectly other than the fact I'm rather short and the dress only came in one length. However, I've discovered that staying the same size is as hard as trying to lose weight, as when I went back for my fitting about 8 weeks before the wedding I'd lost weight (literally the night before i was worrying I'd put weight on and the dress would have to be let out) so i had to have it taken in instead and ensure i didn't change weight in the next couple of months! Sadie was brilliant, i loved going to my fitting to see her, and her skill at alterations is amazing! Because of the detail and the amount of altering to be done there was a serious amount of work involved (good job it was quiter than usual because of covid ).  

Although it was uncertain times because of the covid and not being 100% sure if our wedding would go ahead, it was always an exciting time going to see Sadie and my dress. It fitted perfectly again when i next returned and the way she rematched the pattern was incredible, you'd never have known it had been altered! 

I honestly could not have asked for a better bridal experience whilst choosing and fitting my dress at Bridesbysolo,  thank you.



Any tips for future brides planning a micro-wedding?

Enjoy it and don't feel pressured to do it any other way than how you want it. It is about you two, it is your day, your life and your future together. You won't get that day back, so make the most of it and do it your way.

Also just because it is small doesn't mean it is any less important or exciting! It's a marriage and a celebration of love no matter how big or small the wedding is! 

I personally would recommend it, i found it to be less stressful than what I've seen larger weddings be to brides (my biggest worry was the impact of covid, if it had been a normal year i think it would have been even less stressful).


Matt & Penelope Richardson
28.10.2020 married at Inn on the Lake, Ullswater, Lake District.
Photography by October Willis Photography