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Based in Newmarket, between Cambridge and Bury St Edmunds, we stock the following Designers: Maggie Sottero, Rebecca Ingram, Lillian West, Mark Lesley Bridal, Catherine Deane, Brighton Belle and Romantica of Devon.

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Wedding Dress Shop based in Newmarket, Suffolk

Wedding Dress Cleaning

Wedding Dress Cleaning


When you bring your dress to us we closely examine it and identify the areas that need attention.

Cleaning and finishing

Using products imported especially from the USA we painstakingly hand clean and press or steam your dress to a high professional standard.


We carefully fold your dress with acid free tissue paper into one of our beautiful preservation boxes and have it ready for you to store in a safe place at home.


Because we take time and care over cleaning and finishing your dress it will take up to six weeks to have your dress finished and ready for collection. Please give us plenty of notice if you need a faster turn-around and we’ll do our utmost to work to your schedule.

Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation – The Process

We adopt a 6 step process for your dress cleaning.

Bring your dress into our Boutique where we can inspect it together for marks or any repairs.

We accept all wedding dresses including those labelled as ‘dry clean only’ (except silk).

We spot test every dress first then move on to use our specialist dry cleaning spot mark remover, tried and tested over 30 years to remove even the stubbonest of stains.

We gently wash and rinse all dresses by hand, no machines are used in case of shrinkage or to damage beads.

Sometimes the hems / trains need to be soaked in specialist cleaning solutions to remove the dirt.

We’ll hand press the dress again once clean and mend any repairs.We’ll show you the dress and how to pack it in your chosen storage box.

Why Brides Should Use A Wedding Dress Cleaning Service

There are a few things that you can choose to do with your wedding dress after the big day. And, like many brides, you may want to preserve it as a reminder of your wedding and perhaps one day show it to your children or even your grand-children – this is where Wedding dress cleaning comes in.

Whether you keep it or decide to sell or even donate it, the first thing you need to do is to have it professionally cleaned. And you’d be wise not to leave it too long.

Can I Use A Dry Cleaners To Clean My Wedding Gown?

Preparing your wedding dress to be cleaned and boxed is the ultimate goal. Dry cleaners and even including those labelled as specialist wedding dress dry cleaners use a completely different process and approach to us.

There are only a very few dresses that we have labelled specialist dry clean but many need more than a steaming process to clean a wedding dress. Given our decades of experience, recognise that every wedding gown is precious and at the top of our priority list is to ensure that we preserve your wedding dress for generations to come.

Wedding Dress Cleaning Before


Wedding Dress Cleaning After


Why you really do need to have your wedding dress professionally cleaned, even if it doesn’t look that dirty.

When it comes to stubborn stains, grass, mud, fake tan and red wine are of course serial offenders at weddings, but the less obvious culprits are the stains that you don’t see straight away like champagne or sweat.

These stains, if undetected and left to age, will set-in and darken over time and they’ll be all the more difficult, if not impossible, to remove later on down the line.

We don’t just offer expertise backed by 36 year’s experience, we understand how precious and valuable your dress is to you. At Brides by Solo we eat, sleep and breathe wedding dresses. It’s what we do.

Thousands of dresses have passed through our hands over the decades and handle all styles, designs and fabrics (except silk or silk mikado). We also understand how to deal with dresses that are highly detailed and embellished with beads, sequins or crystals.

We regularly clean dresses by the following designers: Maggie Sottero, Ronald Joyce, Lillian West, True Bride, Brighton Belle, Mark Lesley Bridal, Allure, and Rebecca Ingram.

You can trust Brides by Solo to take care of your dress after the wedding.

Wedding Dress Cleaned
Dress Cleaning Cambridge

Can we remove all stains?

We offer a meticulous and personal service and we are dedicated to the proper care of your wedding dress. While we make every effort to return your dress in pristine condition, we cannot guarantee the removal of every single mark from every fabric and we would advise you to be wary of any company making such claims. Take a look at our Facebook page where we regularly upload pictures and videos of our Wedding Dress cleaning service. You can also go to our Before & After page to see the results from our Wedding Dress Cleaning Service

How to store your dress and protect it from damage

If you want to protect it from damage and ageing, it is vital that you store it correctly. After cleaning we fold your dress with acid free tissue paper, to prevent yellowing, into a beautiful storage box of your choosing. This offers protection from light and dust, and prevents mildew damage by allowing the fabric to breathe.

We recommend that you never store your dress in plastic for longer than a few weeks and once stored safely in a box you should keep it somewhere at regular room temperature. Lofts, garages and basements are not an ideal environment as they experience extremes of temperature and this will increase the likelihood of mildew occurring.


Cleaning and pressing of wedding dresses £150 (Ballgowns or heavily soiled dresses £160)

Bridesmaids dresses from £50

Prom dresses: Ballgowns £130, Straight £100

Cleaning of veils £10-£40 (Depending on length)

Cleaning of Bridal petticoats £30

Preservation boxes come in a variety of sizes and stunning designs.
Prices: £46 – £99 depending on size.


We offer an in-house wedding dress repair service – prices quoted in-store.

Please telephone the shop for details on 01638 661648 or email us at to book your dress in.

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