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Based in Newmarket, between Cambridge and Bury St Edmunds, we stock the following Designers: Maggie Sottero, Rebecca Ingram, Lillian West, Mark Lesley Bridal, Catherine Deane, Brighton Belle and Romantica of Devon.

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Our Boho Wedding Dress Collection

Brides By Solo are an independent Bridal Boutique based in Newmarket. We’ve been running for 37 years and pride ourselves on fun, friendly and professional customer service. We stock a range of dresses for all brides holding between 170 to 200 dresses at any one time. Today, we’d like to focus on telling you about the types of Boho Wedding Dress we stock here.

Why are Brides choosing them instead of the usual traditional Wedding dress?

I feel that brides are buying Boho dresses more often because Weddings have started to change. Whereas Weddings were always very traditional, Brides are now designing their own style dresses that reflects their needs. This includes occasions like festival weddings or hiring marquees and getting married outside. There is more of a natural element in Weddings now and Boho Dresses reflect that kind of need.

What are the characteristics of a Boho style and how does this differ from a traditional dress?

The characteristics of Boho dresses are that they are more lightweight and more ethereal. They’re for a Bride who wants to step away from the traditional Wedding dress. Boho dresses have less structure to them making them less formal. Fabrics tend to vary between chiffons and lace – these are seen as more lightweight and wispy. This differs from the common structured and full traditional dress which normally has characteristics of long trains and lots of undernets to hold the shape of the dress.

I’d like to buy a dress in this style, what designers do you hold at Brides By Solo?

We hold a great range of designers at Brides By Solo that reflect Boho Dresses. Our most popular Boho Dress collections come from Lillian West, a modern Boho style. Catherine Dean also holds a collection, which is a more vintage Boho style. Other designers in our store that also reflect Boho dresses are Maggie Sottero and Rebecca Ingram. These both hold these styles within their collections.

How can I find my perfect Boho Wedding dress?

If you’re looking for a Boho dress, we are currently holding a Boho designer event running from the 9th to the 13th of October. We will have the full Lillian West collection in store at that time meaning extra dresses to try on to help you find the perfect dress for you. To make this event even more exciting, we will be offering 10% off of all new orders during this special event.
Alternatively, you can book an appointment to come into Brides By Solo where our friendly and professional staff will assist you in finding your perfect dress.
Need some inspiration? Take a look at our Facebook Page where we regularly post photographs from Brides that have purchased their dresses from us.
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